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Summers Port Swim Club

Board Meetings are held every month at Johnson’s Corner. If any member would like to attend a Board Meeting they may do so by giving 7 days notice to the Secretary Jason Chapman. Please check the calendar for the next meeting.


A New membership level of “Single/Couple” will be offered at a reduced cost. (in addition to the already established Family, and Master Member levels).

Perfect for individuals, couples with no children, or "empty nesters" who would like to enjoy the pool now that the kids have grown up!

Members who have left in good standing, and wish to return, will have their initiation fees waived.

We will be returning to our previous schedule, per a vote by the membership. This is a remarkable opportunity to bring potential members to the pool to experience Summers-Port and all it has to offer. Our best recruitment tool is our own membership, and the stories of growing up at Summers-Port. Each guest/individual can only come to the pool a total of 5 times.

Guest passes will be $5 per person.
Children ages 3 and under are free.
An out of town family is $50 a week.

Our goal for each upcoming Season as "The Summers-Port Family" is to actively seek out/recruit new members and to encourage past members to consider rejoining. (*Reminding them of the special offers available to them, as outlined above)

PLEASE direct any prospective members/interested parties to the Summers Port website (membership area) so they can view all of the 2017 information, download application etc. Here's the link!

If you have not already done so, please "LIKE" our Facebook page, as an additional way of staying in touch with "what's going on" with Summers-Port and the Summers-Port Family.

We have a lot of new faces, both members and employees. Lets show each other patience and understanding while they "get their feet wet". 

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